San Jose & Campbell Mediation Attorney

Mediation is a way to resolve disputes that provides an alternative to people fighting with each other in court. In mediation, the people involved in the dispute sit down with a mediator and try to agree upon a mutually satisfactory solution. The mediator is neutral — that is, the mediator does not take one side or the other, but instead helps the participants come to an agreement they will both feel satisfied with.

Mediation may be especially helpful if the people involved want to stay on good terms. With mediation, people are often able to avoid the bad feelings that are common after a bitterly fought lawsuit. That makes mediation a good choice for resolving family disputes or any other kind of dispute where the people hope to be able to continue a civil relationship after the dispute is resolved.

The California courts encourage people to try mediation. Studies have shown that mediation has many benefits. It saves both the court system and the individuals engaging in mediation a significant amount of money and time. People who use mediation to resolve their disputes tend to be more satisfied with their experience and to have fewer disputes in the future.

Mediation Is a Useful Alternative in Many Kinds of Disputes

In California, parents who are splitting up are required to try mediation if they cannot agree to a parenting plan on their own. The value of mediation in child custody and visitation disputes is that it gives parents a chance to come up with a plan that both feel comfortable with. Mediation, however, is not confined to family law. It is useful in many areas of law, including disputes about wills, trusts, and real estate.

San Jose Attorney Offers Mediation Services

Attorney Barry Mangan is pleased to offer mediation in his San Jose office, which also serves Campbell and the entire South San Francisco Bay Area.  His collaborative approach to family law helps spouses get through the difficult experience of divorce with less emotional stress, and it provides a firm foundation for the future care of the couple’s children.

Mediation is confidential, and the process is informal. If you have any questions about whether mediation might be the right choice for you, call San Jose and Campbell mediation attorney Barry Mangan at 408-580-1145 or email him at [email protected], and he will be glad to tell you more.